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Whenever thoughts ponder over noblest profession in the world where service above self & contribution to mankind is looked Nursing always reckons above others. There is always scarcity of such people who are dedicatedly catering to mankind & placing others before self. Therefore Nursing is considered & regard as respectful by one & all.

Population is growing at alarming levels across the globe & this cause a great pressure & imbalance on the health service & the man power catering to mankind. This obviously increasing the demand of such personnel selflessly serving the society. We are completely dependent on good trained medical staff of which nurses constitute the largest part. Thus without well trained, well behaved & self managed nursing staff We cannot imagine delivery of high quality health service.

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There is rising demand of trained nursing staff not only from our county but also from all developing and developed nations of the world. Countries like U.S.A, Canada, U.K., Sweden, Germany, and France are on the top of the list. For demanding the trained nursing staff. We at India are sitting on as pool of huge potential, talented & good opportunity for growth.

A Nurse is not only a helping hand for a doctor, but has a greater role in curing the patient & administering the medical advice. The profession provides not only better chance to the humanity but also satisfaction to self. Any aspirant willing to undertake this profession can do so after completing her nursing course from a competent nursing college delivering the training on desired and acceptable parameters. Your site for service may a hospital , nursing home, the armed forces, dispensaries poly clinics, sanitariums and other medical establishments & even international non- government organizations as WHO, Red Cross UNSCO etc.

Keeping in view the above placed requirement the management offers a 2 years diploma in ANM and 3 years diploma in GNM Course. The college is affiliated to Punjab Nurses Registration Council and approved by Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi. The Syllabus and the minimum requirements as laid down by the Indian Nursing Council and amendments from time to time are applicable to the course conducted by this college.